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Part 2: We Try Harder? Perhaps Not In Social Media

Surprisingly, while the historic rivalry between Avis and Hertz still draws the most comparisons today, Enterprise Holdings quietly gained the #1 spot in the late ’90s and hasn’t looked back. Still, the chart below does hold some good news for Avis fans. Avis is now virtually neck-to-neck with Hertz in the number of locations served […]

We Try Harder? Perhaps Not in Social Media

The campaign is legendary: “We Try Harder” In fact AdAge lists this business-saving Avis campaign as #10 in their top 100 advertising campaigns of all time. So what happened? Avis Car Rental started playing their classic ‘David vs. Goliath’ card against arch-rival Hertz in 1962. At the time Avis only had 11% of the US […]