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SMBs: Don’t Lose Out, Social Media Means Business

“I still don’t get it.” Or, “I don’t really have the time.” You hear it all the time from other small-to-medium business owners. Time to get over it. Sure the ever-changing landscape of Social Media can be confusing, but it is also very rewarding. And in terms of not having time–well, you better make. Recent […]

Pinterest: Hitting the Sweet Spot

The verdict is in: Pinterest has hit the sweet spot where social media and commerce meet. The numbers speak for themselves. In December 2010 the site registered more than 7-million unique visitors. Better still,¬† stats from Shareaholic show that it is driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than giants YouTube, Goggle+ and LinkedIn […]

Pinterest: Hitting the Sweet Spot

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Mobile Engagement – The “Ahh” in OOH

Mobile engagement is getting to be more than skin deep. Today, mobile marketing is the ‘Ahh’ in OOH or Out-of-Home advertising and marketing. Mobile marketing and OOH traditional principals require a deeper brand engagement and consumer learning engagement¬† that continue to create richer user experiences while providing the statistics that fuels sales (and social media, […]

The Groupon Experience – To Good to be True?

Unlike most social media startups, Groupon has an organic revenue stream at the core of their business model. Local businesses benefit from terrific viral Word-of-Mouth buzz that clears shelves of excess inventory or provides an introduction to new product and services at Internet speed. For consumers there doesn’t appear to be a downside short of […]