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NH company Solidscape at the forefront of 3D printing

NH company Solidscape at the forefront of 3D printing 3D Printing Industry pioneer – article excerpt: “Solidscape handles the higher-end industrial models – wax printers that sell for $25,000 to $49,000 that are used by aerospace companies, industrial manufacturers, jewelry designers, toymakers and medical researchers. The company, founded in Wilton in 1994 as Sanders Prototypes, […]

NH company Solidscape at the forefront of 3D printing

Full article on Solidscape’s 20 years of 3D printing innovations. NH Governor Hassan visits Solidscape as part of her “Innovate NH” initiative to provide New Hampshire businesses with the strong, skilled workforce and business climate that fosters innovation and global competition.

Part 2: We Try Harder? Perhaps Not In Social Media

Surprisingly, while the historic rivalry between Avis and Hertz still draws the most comparisons today, Enterprise Holdings quietly gained the #1 spot in the late ’90s and hasn’t looked back. Still, the chart below does hold some good news for Avis fans. Avis is now virtually neck-to-neck with Hertz in the number of locations served […]

We Try Harder? Perhaps Not in Social Media

The campaign is legendary: “We Try Harder” In fact AdAge lists this business-saving Avis campaign as #10 in their top 100 advertising campaigns of all time. So what happened? Avis Car Rental started playing their classic ‘David vs. Goliath’ card against arch-rival Hertz in 1962. At the time Avis only had 11% of the US […]

SMBs: Don’t Lose Out, Social Media Means Business

“I still don’t get it.” Or, “I don’t really have the time.” You hear it all the time from other small-to-medium business owners. Time to get over it. Sure the ever-changing landscape of Social Media can be confusing, but it is also very rewarding. And in terms of not having time–well, you better make. Recent […]

Pinterest: Hitting the Sweet Spot

The verdict is in: Pinterest has hit the sweet spot where social media and commerce meet. The numbers speak for themselves. In December 2010 the site registered more than 7-million unique visitors. Better still,  stats from Shareaholic show that it is driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than giants YouTube, Goggle+ and LinkedIn […]

Pinterest: Hitting the Sweet Spot

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Mobile Engagement – The “Ahh” in OOH

Mobile engagement is getting to be more than skin deep. Today, mobile marketing is the ‘Ahh’ in OOH or Out-of-Home advertising and marketing. Mobile marketing and OOH traditional principals require a deeper brand engagement and consumer learning engagement  that continue to create richer user experiences while providing the statistics that fuels sales (and social media, […]

The Groupon Experience – To Good to be True?

Unlike most social media startups, Groupon has an organic revenue stream at the core of their business model. Local businesses benefit from terrific viral Word-of-Mouth buzz that clears shelves of excess inventory or provides an introduction to new product and services at Internet speed. For consumers there doesn’t appear to be a downside short of […]