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Pinterest: Hitting the Sweet Spot

The verdict is in: Pinterest has hit the sweet spot where social media and commerce meet.

The numbers speak for themselves. In December 2010 the site registered more than 7-million unique visitors. Better still,  stats from Shareaholic show that it is driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than giants YouTube, Goggle+ and LinkedIn combined.

Effective corporate social marketing? Yes. Same old promotional approach? Absolutely not.

Pinterest is personal. First and foremost Pinterest is an online visual pin board that allows you, according to the site, “organize and share things you love.” Instant replay for all marketers: “Organize and share things you love.” Never lose sight of that basic premise, because that is why millions of people are flocking to get pinned. People first, not customers or consumers. Ordinary people from all walks of life.

Of course these ordinary people have extraordinary demographics. The average user is between 25 and 44. 58% are women. Most have had some college and above average incomes. They are all here for a visual experience, not a bunch of clever copy.

The visual diversity of Pinterest is stunning. Fortunately the site is organized by popular topics. For example:

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