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Mobile Engagement – The “Ahh” in OOH

Mobile engagement is getting to be more than skin deep. Today, mobile marketing is the ‘Ahh’ in OOH or Out-of-Home advertising and marketing.

Mobile marketing and OOH traditional principals require a deeper brand engagement and consumer learning engagementĀ  that continue to create richer user experiences while providing the statistics that fuels sales (and social media, marketing budgets).

This is serious global business. For starters, mobiThinking has done a great job of pulling together what they call “the essential compendium of need-to-know statistics” about “mobile marketing research, mobile Web stats, subscribers, ad revenue, usage, trends” and much more.

A good example of how mobile marketing goes well beyond simple app gimmicks can be found with the likes of Golden Gekko, a mobile web platform and application development company.

Golden Gekko’s LocalSearch product may feel a bit like one of my domestic favorite, Poynt. And LocalOffers comes across like a much smarter Groupon. But when you get to their WorkForce (a tablet CMS, think Salesforce) and SelfCare, a customer service tool, you can see that the entire package includes the skin, bones, and intelligence needed to make smart business decisions on the go and a business model for customization that drives revenue.

However, Golden Gekko was bred in Europe, and, as such, has to think beyond borders. Their global offices reflect the new model and includes a strong Asian presence. This is an important consideration when comparing our huge North American market as seen primarily through a US lens.

Most of Europe and much of Asia must think beyond their borders simply because they often lack the population or domestic market size to justify narrow applications. Populations and languages are far more diverse as well. In short, they tend to think globally in terms of mobile market development.Europe was notable in early adoption of text messaging and early mobile marketing. With a quick look a major telecoms and manufacturers (beyond Apple), you’ll see many are European or Asian-based global enterprises that drove much of today’s mobile innovations.

Companies like Golden Gekko are a natural part of that global ecosystem and their mobile marketing platforms reflect that world focus. It is also why US companies generally have to find regional partners to penetrate those rich, established or emerging markets. On the global playing field it is critical that viable platforms address all or most of these key needs: Mobile strategy support and backend platform integration across multiple languages and currencies, middleware, and content management offerings.

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Here are a few other sources that may be of interest when gauging global application development and the explosive growth in Asian mobile adoption rates:





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One Comment on “Mobile Engagement – The “Ahh” in OOH”

  1. mhmarkgraf February 18, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Thank you for mentioning some new technology, I love new tech. I have never managed a OOH campaign but this company looks like they offer a service that can help a OOH noob like me.

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